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Rekrutmen Shopee Tahun 2018

Lokerme.com - Shopee is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia and Taiwan. It is a platform tailored for the region, providing customers with an easy, secure and fast online shopping experience through strong payment and logistical support.  Since its launch, Shopee has gained exponential growth. The platform now has over 180 million active listings by more than 4 million sellers, including about 5,000 leading brands and distributors.

DevOps/TechOps Engineer

Database Engineer takes care of all database servers in Sea (a parent company of Shopee) and help to deliver large scale applications of e-commerce. We are looking for people with a passion for database, programming, and architecture design. High-potential fresh graduates with no prior experience are welcome.

  1. Responsible for MySQL and other relational database administrations and management (capacity planning, installation, backup, recovery, monitoring, optimizations, troubleshooting, etc)
  2. Support development teams and production teams for database designs and implementations
  3. Review existing system architecture and contribute to improve on the future architecture for database stability and a maximum of performance
  4. Define and develop projects that reduce database operational costs and automate regular tasks
  5. Research and develop new technologies and approaches for building highly available data persistence systems
  1. Bachelor's or higher degree in Computer Science or related fields
  2. Familiar with SQL and relational database theory and knowledges
  3. 2+ years of hands-on experiences with online production MySQL database operations
  4. Familiar with scripting languages (at least one of Shell/Python
  5. Familiar with Linux systems, good system troubleshooting skills
  6. Functional English (written and oral) communication skills
  7. Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, at critical situations under pressure as well as day-to-day operations.
  8. Detail oriented, agile, flexible
  9. Ability to manage multiple tasks with shifting priorities
Skills below are optional but preferable:
  • Experience in system administration or development is preferred 

QA Engineer

We are a group of enthusiastic engineers that value quality with lives. With critical thinking, systematic view and empathy with hundreds of millions of users, we continuously drive the quality and user experience of our products. We actively engage ourselves through the whole development process and carefully examine what can be improved.

  1. Involved in whole software development life cycle: product requirement document review and design doc review; creation of test plan, case design and review, case execution; bug analysis and tracking
  2. Perform functional testing for web and mobile applications using black-box/grey-box testing methodology
  3. Maintenance of testing environment and existing testing tools
  4. Continuous optimisation of development and testing processes. Risk management in development life cycle to ensure quality and efficient delivery of tasks
  5. Continuous improvement of testing techniques and methods to enhance test quality and efficiency
  1. Bachelor degree or higher in Computer Science or a related discipline
  2. Good logical and structural thinking
  3. Strong sense of responsibility and result-oriented
  4. Good sense for quality, teamwork, and innovation
  5. Able to work independently or with limited assistance
Skills below are optional but preferable:
  1. Familiar with Linux / Windows OS, Linux commands, and shell script
  2. Familiar with SQL and usage of MySQL DB
  3. Familiar with common browser and mobile-app debugging tools 

Front End Web Engineer

We are a group of multinational web developers who are fascinated by state-of-art web technologies yet genuinely caring about bringing enjoyable web experience to our users. We value fundamentals more than ever-changing wind in the front end landscape. We believe in "HTML for the content, CSS for the presentation, JavaScript for the interaction". We cut following the grains, not against it.

  1. Design and implement leading platform used and loved by hundreds of millions of users
  2. Implement solutions to complex and flexible business features
  3. Maintain and improve our high-quality in-house JavaScript libraries and toolsets, for example a complete React UI framework following our design guidelines
  4. Participate in fierce and candid code review with peers
  5. Participate in regular internal technology sharings and other regional tech events
  1. Passionate about coding and programming, innovation, and solving challenging problems
  2. Strong knowledge in JavaScript fundamentals
  3. Well versed in various browser technologies
  4. Love technologies
  5. Enjoy teamwork
Skills below are optional but preferable:
  1. Hands-on experiences and knowledge about React JS.
  2. Experience in writing type-safe code with Flow or TypeScript 

Back End Web Engineer


  1. Design and implement web backend services using Go or Python + Django/Flask;
  2. Write high-quality, clean, maintainable code using engineering best practices (unit testing, source control, continuous integration, automation, design patterns, etc.);
  3. Analyse requirements, design and develop features;
  4. Understand the product, constantly optimise the product, identify and fix problems, improve stability and user experience;
  5. Optimize application for maximum performance and scalability;
  6. Build reusable code and libraries;
  7. Collaborate with fellow developers, product managers, user experience designer, and operation engineers to build products with web technologies.
  1. Passionate about coding and programming, innovation, and solving challenging problems;
  2. Bachelor's or higher degree Computer Science or related fields;
  3. Hands-on experiences in Web Service frameworks and technologies such as Django, Ruby On Rails, or Node.js;
  4. Familiar with HTTP protocol;
  5. Familiar with performance tuning of Web Server, massive concurrency handling, and caching mechanisms;
  6. In-depth understanding of data structures and other computer science fundamentals;
  7. Familiar with Linux development environments.
Skills below are optional but preferable:
  • Knowledge in web security 

Product Management


  1. Great problem solving skill is a major plus
  2. Analytical and structured is a must
  3. Can adapt quickly
  4. Can do attitude and eager to work even with uncertainty
  5. A engineering background is a plus
  6. Good attention to detail and want to work on small tasks on daily basis
  7. Good communication skill is a must
  8. Product management background is a plus 



  1. Graduated from recognized university
  2. Has at least prior experience as interpreter; from Bahasa to English and vice versa
  3. Proven track record of translation work; both verbal and written
  4. A team player; highly driven and flexible
  5. Able to work in fast-paced environment

Customer Operation-Trainer


  1. Have good knowledge about all training process (Analyze, design, development, implementation and evaluation)
  2. Excellent in presentation skills
  3. Have passion in developing people
  4. Good analytical thinking and communication skills
  5. Have positive attitude and willingness for self-improvement
  6. Familiar with Ms. Office 

Customer Operation - Workforce Management


  1. Good Diploma/Bachelor degree
  2. Strong in data analytics and has good Ms. Excel skills
  3. Good team player, positive attitude, eagerness to learn
  4. Driven and motivated
  5. Previous relevant experience is a plus 

Customer Operations - Real Time Floor Monitoring


  1. Good Diploma/Bachelor degree
  2. Strong in data analytics and has good Ms. Excel skills
  3. Good team player, positive attitude, eagerness to learn
  4. Driven and motivated
  5. Previous relevant experience is a plus 

Cross Border - Language Specialist (Mandarin & English speaking)


  1. 1-2 years of experience on this job, as a freelancer or full time - Fresh graduates are welcome to apply
  2. Proficient in both Mandarin and English is a must
  3. Have a good sense on the different between localization and translation
  4. Should be comfortable with MS-Office and have a good typing skill
  5. Able to work in team and have a good social skill

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Deadline 14 Agustus 2018


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